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In Production 


A mini-series of six episodes, based on the novel of the same title,

by Nobelist Giorgos SEFERIS

Two parallel stories, one in the present and one in the 1920's, compose a continuous journey between erotic desire and despair, truth and imagination, realism and extreme poetic sentiment. 

In modern day Athens, a film crew starts shooting a movie based on the novel by George SEFERIS, Six Nights on the Acropolis.

In the book, a group of seven young intellectuals in 1928 Athens, decides as a spiritual bet, to meet on six consecutive full moons on the Acropolis, trying to discover the hidden symbolism of the monument and give meaning to their frustrated lives. While  these meetings continue, the initial climate of eroticism and artistic pursuits gives way to a series of extreme emotional and sexual conflicts. The company dissolves and the heroes begin to mentally and physically collapse.


Meanwhile in real time (today) we are following the story of the seven main actors of the fictional film. All seven actors will be gradually influenced by their roles, and the tragedy that emerges in the book will irrevocably mark their lives.

Director: Giannis DIAMANTOPOULOS
Scriptwriter: Dimitris GIAMLOGLOU
Co-produced by
With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union
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