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A political thriller

Turkey - Greece - France 2019

There is a train and a choice: you get on or not. That’s all.


C is waiting at the train station, about to return home from attending his father's funeral, when he witnesses a murder. Should he get on the train, or report the murder to the police? He chooses the latter, and quickly finds himself prohibited from leaving town, then engulfed by a bizarre atmosphere that surrounds the area.

Various strange friends of his father become entangled in his predicament. The wife of the murder victim, who also nursed his father, tells him to leave town and warns of an approaching threat. The prosecutor accuses him of the crime and he decides to flee, but the town is now in quarantine due to a rabies epidemic. The murderer then unexpectedly appears, creating further perplexity for C. The peculiar connections among the townsfolk make him gradually more anxious and incapable of comprehending his absurd situation. C hides from the police, fruitlessly attempts to run away, and finds the country’s borders closed. 

The film intends to capture the situation of a destructive society decaying through the main character, who's lack of political understanding makes him the victim of this corruption.

Cast: Tansu BISER, Nihan YALCIN, Ercan KESAL, Riza AKIN   

Written and Directed by: Tayfun PIRSELIMOGLU

Director of Photography: Andreas SINANOS

Producers: Vildan ERSEN, Nikos MOUSTAKAS, Nancy KOKOLAKI


Participated in the EURO-MEDITERRANEAN CO-PRODUCTION FORUM in Apulia Italy'16, the FILM LONDON PRODUCTION FINANCE MARKET - BFI'17 and in the SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL- Talents Sarajevo Pack & Pitch lab ‘18

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

of the European Union                                      


​Feature - Sci-fi Film

Sometimes it’s better not to remember…                                          

In a post-digital era, an isolated community lives inside a self-sustaining extraordinary City-Building and safeguards the human knowledge. A young man unexpectedly appears and gets emotionally involved with two different and spirited women; none of them though can get out of there.

An isolated bureaucratic society is living inside an impressive Dome: a building-womb which nurtures its inhabitants for centuries, even disposes their cadavers when they die. Or is it also killing them? Facing unexpected ecological disasters, people turn to a newcomer for salvation, even if he cannot remember where he came from and why.


Written by: Despina CHARALAMPOUS

Directed by: Panos PAPPAS

International Artists Attached to the project:

Actress: Hilda PETER,

Director of Photography: Ioan MELTZER  

Concept Designer: Francois SCHUITEN

Visual Effects Creator: Alex FRIDERICI

Producers: Nikos MOUSTAKAS & Nancy KOKOLAKI

co-Producer: Prod2demain / France ALAIN L'EVEILLE

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union   

and the Greek Film Center

Visit the official site of the short version of the film :


Feature Music Documentary

Modern musicians travel in the Aegean Sea, for a tribute to the rebetis Markos VAMVAKARIS. Simultaneously, renowned musicians around the world bring out his important musical heritage with unpredictable adaptations of his work.

European artists try to capture his life in words and pictures.


Written by: Kleanthis DANOPOULOS, Nikos SKARENTZOS

Directed by: Nikos SKARENTZOS

Cast: Vassiliki TROUFAKOU

Supported by: Greek Film Center, COSMOTE TV, ERT S.A.


A film for teenagers 

Anna, a 14 year-old girl from Greece lives with her family in Germany. Her father is a violent drunk addict who abuses the other family members.

One day on her way home she sees her mother and her little sister being threatned by the father who is holding a revolver. Anna rushes to save her loved ones but she traumatizes her father by mistake. Anna is full of fear and gulit. Her mother helps her escape the police and sends her to live with relatives in Greece.

Anna is a fearless teenager full of love for life that tries her best to bring some peace and equality in a chaotic world. By meeting new people and falling in love while travelling through Europe she is crossing bravely the road to maturity. She makes a statement that love can redeem us from pain and sorrow.

Written and Directed by: Kleoni FLESSA

Producers: Nikos MOUSTAKAS, Nancy KOKOLAKI

Supported by: Greek Film Center


Short Film 

In front of the sea, on a deserted beach in winter. Two people are discussing. A male body, a female body. A male voice, a female voice. What do they have to say? It does not matter, since whatever they say, whatever they are, exists only between them. They try in vain to define what is connecting them. Their adventure, to become heroes of a story, in the same moment as they narrate it - that's their story.

Written and Directed by: Eftychia IOSIFIDOU

Producers: Nikos MOUSTAKAS, Nancy KOKOLAKI

Supported by: Greek Film Center


A crime-drama film

A violent crime shakes up the isolated small conservative community. Two teenage girls have murdered and old man. A polyphonic psychological thriller about how the sense of despair and the lack of hope can crush people.


Based on the novel of the same title written by Vassiliki Petsa.

Selected to participate at the Pack & Pitch subprogram of the Talents Sarajevo 2018.

Directed by : Thanos PSICHOGIOS

Written by : Thanos PSICHOGIOS and Vasiliki PETSA

Produced by : Nancy KOKOLAKI, Nikos MOUSTAKAS


Psychological - adventurous drama 

Based on the book "10 long hours" («10 Ατελείωτες Ώρες») by Dimitris Ravanis Rentis

Through the love story of Ioulia and Andreas, we follow the fight of a Greek Rebellious group, the last year of the German conquer during the World War II in Greece. The group tries to stop the looting and the transportation of ancient Greek and other cultural treasures to Berlin.

While the narration is  moving between three different chronological periods, the film will show the horror of WW II in Greece. It will reveal new historical facts and it will help to preserve and also to designate the importance of historical memory.


Directed by: Antonis PAPADOPOULOS

Produced by: Nikos MOUSTAKAS, Nancy KOKOLAKI



“Scar” is based on the short story that won The Greek State Award for Short Story and the British Council Best Short Story Award by Christos KYTHREOTIS.

Ιt’s a cloudy, rainy morning in a cemetery on a neighborhood in the western part of Athens. A young man is trying to trying to decide what to do with the body of his grandmother after her customary exhumation. The body has not decomposed sufficiently. The two cemetery employees are not helpful. 

While the son is struggling to find a dignified solution about how to handle his grandmother’s remains, nature functioning as deus ex machina gives him the answer. A sudden rainstorm resolves the situation by abruptly speeding up the decomposition process and providing the story with an unexpected, realistic and tragicomic ending.

The project was awarded the Pitching Lab Award by Finos Film during the 41st National Short Film Festival in Drama.

Script adaptation and direction by: Thanos PSΙCHOGIOS 

Producers: Nikos MOUSTAKAS, Nancy KOKOLAKI



A documentary 

After fifteen years of researching and photographing the European arctic landscape and its indigenous inhabitants, the SAMI, the only indigenous people of Europe, the director Dimitra Zirou begins to film a documentary inspired by this distant land and its people.

Two parallel stories - portraits, are gradually unfolding, the everyday life of two very different persons, both living in a distant small town in the middle of the Norwegian arctic tundra.

Sara is now 83 years old and one of the few remaining traditional healers. Her past and present life is vividly colored with the indigenous knowledge of her people. Mihka is 5 years old,a small Sámi that lives with his parents and his little sister near Sara. Spontaneous, explosive but also sweet, he is in the beginning of his training on the basic knowledge of his tribe.


The connecting link between him and Sara is his grandmother Asta, her closest friend. Together they begin a learning relationship, while she tells him a story about the Northern Lights, the celestial light that illuminates the dark, during the long and frozen Arctic nights

Written by: Dimitra ZIROU

Directed by: Dimitra ZIROU

Producers: Nikos MOUSTAKAS, Nancy KOKOLAKI

Scientific Advisor: Diana RIBOLI, Professor of Anthropology, University of Athens.

Under the auspice of the Royal Norwegian Embassy of Athens


Documentary Film

How and where I would like to live? An adventurous journey to utopia.

In humanity’s history all the things that happened but also the things that didn’t happen play a great role. Those that stayed in the ideal sphere and as such they affect our expectations. The cities that haven’t been build, as places of models for the sublime happiness, or as a dark environment that we would never like to meet. They are images that are been projecting all over around us as shadows of another alternative reality through architectural designs, cinema, literature, and comics or even through the images of the adverts.

In intense community crisis, such as the today’s, the interest for utopia is rekindled by the meaning of the need to find answers for the problems we face. So, this is our deeper motive, the one that will make this documentary charming/attractive to the audience.    

Directed by: Panos PAPPAS – Despina CHARALAMPOUS

Written by: Despina CHARALAMPOUS

Co-producers: HDPM (Harris DAVAS – Pierre MILLI)

Scientific Consultants: Francois SCHUITEN – Panagiotis TOURNIKIOTIS

Supported by: J.F. Costopoulos Foundation