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 A Continuous, Multicultural, Social & Artistic Initiative with two phases

First, an original communication booklet 

A children's fairytale without words – only with pictures.

Primary and high school students will offer the booklet to children who live in the refugee hospitality campuses

Then, a puppet show workshop with all the students, natives and refugees, working together

And at last a puppet show made by and for the students


About the Initiative

The initiative has two phases:

The first one is for schools that have afternoon educational programs for refugees 

The school students of the host countries will develop an interpersonal relationship with the children refugees, through the “reading” of the booklet.

By the end of the day, the children refugees will have a friend - the fairytale - which will help them to sleep without the nightmares of the war.

and the agonizing refugee travel.

By the end of the day, the students - through their contact  with the children refugees - will have learned at first hand  the disasters and the suffering  caused by  the wars.

Children ought to live without nightmares.

The second one is for schools that have programs that include both Greek and refugee students.

Professional troupes of puppeteers will perfom at primary schools.

Then, the students will participate at workshops on puppet making.

Finally, the last part of the initiative concludes with the presentation of the puppet shows that the students both Greek and refugee created together.

About the Booklet

  • The pictures in the booklet will "recount“ a story about a world of peace

       of innocence, of joyful games, of journeys ... Journeys of leisure, and not of pressure. 

  • Α world where children have water, food, and toys.

  • The booklet will be an intercultural, artistic oeuvre which can overcome any kind of discriminations based on race or language.

  • The drawings of the booklet will be designed by artists from all around the world.

  • The first booklet was designed by Aleksandros Psyxhoulis

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About the Puppet Theatre

  • Professional troupes of puppeteers  will perform for students and the town that participate at the initiative.

  • Stathis Markopoulos and his team AYUSAYA   will teach the students on how to make their own puppets and sets .

  • The students,both refugee and Greek, will cooperate together and try to create their own script for a puppet theatre show that will be presented in front of an audience.

  • The aim of the coolaboration is to bring the students together and share values such as respect for one another,  apart from cultural differencies.


The implementation of the initiative “Children Without Nightmares” has the following goals:

  • The emotional relief of the children refugees

  • The joy.

  • The hope

  • The love and the solidarity

  • The optimism

  • The peace.

  • The chance that children, when they grow up, will safeguard peace in their own homeland and all over the word.


Duration of the initiative  2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019


Με την ευγενική υποστήριξη 


With the kind support of


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                                                                                        Παιδια χωρίς εφιάλτες: Για να ονειρευτούν ξανα..                                                                                        Children Without Nightmare: So they can dream again


               «Children without nightmares» 11/17/15                                 


Ένα παραμύθι για τα προσφυγόπουλα / A fairytale for the children of the refugees


Nancy Kokolaki is invited to speak at the TEDx University of Macedonia about BADCROWD's intercultural, social and artistic initiative CHILDREN WITHOUT NIGHTMARES, for children that live in hospitality centers for refugees and at the same time for children of the welcoming-countries, are in progress.

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