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An interactive audiovisual installation

In the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2016

In collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens.

by Panagiotis Velianitis

The starry sky always fascinated people.


Looking at the brightest stars, we saw in these deities and mythical animals, heroes and beasts. Thus constellations born as a hyper-narrative of human imagination.

In the ATLAS project, the composer Panagiotis Velianitis creates a simulation of the celestial horizon, brings constellations within walking distance and invites us to "touch them".

The constellations as human contrivance had always use both the orientation and to the measurement of time and creative imagination.

 Functioned as a data storage medium, like a hard disk of the computer.

Guests will found less than 12 light beams and in front of the 12 respective interactive installations

- the remaining space is in the dark - have the potential to drive them, which appears as a moving contour through camera on screen to "touch" bright stars of each constellation and to activate factor sounds appropriate to them.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2016

In collaboration with the Observatory of Athens

Concept/ Development of interactive applications: Panagiotis Velianitis

Scientific adviser: Dr. Fiore- Anastasia Metallinou

Art Directors: Telis Karananos, Alexandra Siafkou

Photos by: Christos Tolis

Production: BAD CROWD

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