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Nancy Kokolaki

Administration Manager-Producer


Mob: +30 6940 617698


Skype: nancykokolaki

Professional Info

Studied cinema in Athens at “Lykourgos Stavrakos” film school and graduated from AKMI Institute of Vocational Training in production management. Working in cinema, television and commercial since 1998.

Nancy is a film producer and founding member of the cultural organization Bad Crowd. Her most recent credits include the film SIDEWAY by Tayfun Pirselimoglu (premiere Warsaw FF’18, best director, best male actor in Istanbul FF’18, best art director in Ankara FF’18), the film ASHES by Stratos Tzitzis (international premiere Montreal World Festival’16) and the Argentinian-Greek documentary WORKING DANCERS by J.Heimann-K.Bousmpoura (premiere Thessaloniki Documentary Festival ‘16). Along with Nikos Moustakas, they have established Bad Crowd, envisioning an international network of artists, aiming to create artworks and social artistic actions in all over the world. Their film I’M NOT HIM (2013) by Tayfun Pirselimoglu a Turkish-Greek-French co-production, supported by Eurimages; participated in 52 festivals and received 7 awards. Their first intercultural, social and artistic initiative CHILDREN WITHOUT NIGHTMARES, about refugee’s children, is in progress and they are currently producing the mini TV series SIX NIGHTS ON THE ACROPOLIS based on the novel of the nobelist George Seferis and co-produced by the national broadcaster ERT. Nancy is also the executive producer of the films ISTANBUL STORY (2016) by Fotini Siskopoulou and LINES (2016) by Vassilis Mazomenos. She has a permanent collaboration with the company ODC ENSEMBLE and the director Elli Papakonstantinou, running together three Creative Europe programmes: Creative Lenses (2015-2019), Europe Grand Central (2016-2018) and Polar Circle (2017-2020). She is the producer of the film in progress A SIMPLE MAN by Tassos Gerakinis presented in San Sebastian Glocal in progress ’18 and Thessaloniki Agora Works in progress ’18. She is the head of development for the film
MEMORY RELOADED by P.Pappas- D.Charalampous and the film KERR by T.Pirselimoglu, both granted by Creative Europe Media program. In 2018 was selected in Sarajevo talents and two of her projects were pitched in Sarajevo Pack & Pitch program.




In post production:

A SIMPLE MAN by Tassos Gerakinis, a Greek-French co-production supported by the Greek film center & ERT broadcaster, selected in San Sebastian, Glocal In Progress session and in Thessaloniki Film Festival, Agora In Progress

ID by Despina Charalampous, a sci-fi short film supported by the Greek Film Center


MARKOS by Nikos Skarentzos, a documentary supported by Greek Film Center & OTE T.V

Currently in progress:

KERR by Tayfun Pirselimoglu, a feature film, a Turkish-Greek-French production in development supported by CREATIVE EUROPE Media Program.

MEMORY RELOADED by P.Pappas-D.Charalampous, a feature sci-fi film, a Greek-Romanian production, supported by the Greek Film Center and Creative Europe media program.

ANNA by Cleoni Flessa, a Greek-Swiss feature film in script development supported by the Greek Film Center

REMEMBER by Thanos Psichogios, a feature film in development, awarded in Pack & Pitch session of Sarajevo Film Festival.

The mini TV series SIX NIGHTS ON THE ACROPOLIS directed by Giannis Diamantopoulos for ERT national broadcaster 

And the social and artistic initiative by Bad Crowd CHILDREN WITHOUT NIGHTMARES

Completed works:

2018        I DREAMED OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS by Dimitris Giamloglou, short film supported by the Greek Film Center
2017        SIDEWAY by Tayfun Pirselimoglu, feature film, a Turkish-Greek-French production supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and the                    Greek Film Center. World premiere in Warsaw International Film Festival’17
2016        ATLAS project. An interactive audiovisual installation in the Athens & Epidaurus Festival. Concept/Development of interactive                                    applications by Panagiotis Velianitis
2016        ASHES by Stratos Tzitzis, a black comedy feature film. Production: Greek Film Center - ERT - Bad Crowd – Authorwave- DNA
2015        WORKING DANCERS by Julia M.Heimann-K.Bousmpoura, an Argentinian-Greek feature documentary. Production: INCAA - Kinisis -                      Bad Crowd – Authorwave.
2013        I’M NOT HIM by Tayfun Pirselimoglu, a Turkey-Greece-France co-production supported by Eurimages. Premiere in Rome, best script in                  Rome, best film-best script-best music in Istanbul, best film in Barcelona and others.

Line Producer/Production Manager

2017         LOUISETTE, THE BACKSTAGE OF A REVOLUTION, a theatrical performance presented in Athens Festival 2017,

                 in co-production with Eleusis 2021,  directed by Elli Papakonstantinou

2016         ISTANBUL STORY, a feature film (as executive producer)             

                 Producer: F.Siskopoulou, Greek Film Center, IFP (Turkey), ERT, Director: Fotini Siskopoulou

2016         LINES, a feature film (as executive producer)

                 Producer: Horme, Greek film center, ERT, Director: Vassilis Mazomenos

2016         REVOLT ATHENS, a theatrical performance presented in Athens Festival 2016 directed by Elli Papakonstantinou

2014         MEGALI CHIMAIRA, a video projection for theatrical performance in Athens Festival 2014 directed by Chistos Dimas and D.Tarloou

2012         THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Zelus pictures ltd (London), Director: Hossein Amini (as unit-location manager in Athens)

2011         ILLUSION, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center–ΕRΤ-Μ.Panagiotopoulos-VA Films, Director: Savvas Karidas

2012         TRAVEL EXPRESS, 35mm – Short Film

                 Production: ΕRT- Νikos Moustakas, Director: Natasa Xydi

                 FAMILY THRILL, 35mm – Short Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center– Ν.Moustakas, Director: D.Stratakis

2011         MEMORY, 35mm – Short Film

                 Production: ERT- KINICON S.A., Director: P.Pappas-D.Charalambous

                 SPECIAL DAY, 35mm – Short Film

                 Production: ΕRT- Νikos Moustakas,  Director: Νikolas Κolovos

2010         RED SKY, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – ΕRΤ- Lagia Yiourgou, Director: Lagia Yiourgou

2009         TRAVEL TO MYTILINI, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – ΕRΤ – Lakis Papastathis, Director: Lakis Papastathis (worked as location manager)

2009         45 METERS, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – ΕRT– M.Panagiotopoulos, Director: Stratos Tzitzis

2009         MARIOS AND THE RAVEN, 35mm – Short Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – ΕRΤ, Director: Yiannis Bougioukas

                 EVERYTHING'S GONA BE ALRIGHT, Production: Argonautes s.a–Panos Papahatzis, Director: Yiannis Xanthopoulos

2007-’08   I SAW YOU – T.V Series (ALPHA TV) Independent episodes, Production: ARGONAUTES S.A

                 Directors: Lefteris Charitos, Christos Nikoleris, Stratoula Theodoratou, Yiannis Drakos, P. Fafoutis, Y. Gaitanidis, V. Maderakis.

2007         WELL KEPT SECRETS-ATHANASIA, Feature Film

                 Production: VERGA Films Greek Film Center – ODEON - NOVA, Director: Panos Karkanevatos

2006-'07   Worked in Events and Commercials department of LE SPOT Productions.

2006         EVANGELIAS’ LAND – TV Series    Production: ON Production, Director: Thanasis Antoniou

2005         IN THE LIMITS, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – ERT, Director: Savvas Karidas

2004-’05   SINCE THREE IS AN AFFAIR – 20 TV Films

                 Production: Eros films – Daidalos films

                 Directors: D. Panagiotatos, Th. Antoniou, N. Zervos, B. Spanos

2004         LIKE CHEF, LIKE GOD, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – ERT – Cinegram, Director: Stergios Niziris

2003         ALEMAGIA, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: Greek Film Center – I. Giannakakis, Director: Ilias Giannakakis

2003         BALANCE, 35mm – Short Film, Producer – Director: Iliana Bousmboura

                 SHRINK, 35mm – Short Film, Production: Greek film center – MELON, Director: Spiros Papanastasiou.

2003         THREE LITTLE BIRDS, 35mm – Feature Film

                 Production: V. Alatas – N. Spanos, Director: Nicolas Spanos

2002         THE WIZARDS WITH THE GIFTS, 35mm – Short Film, Producer – Director: Alexandros Pontikakis

2001         TECHNOLOGY, HONEY, 35mm – Short Film, Producer – Director: Filio Stefanopoulou

2010 - present

2010 - present

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